This site, like other one, use little file called “cookies” for helping us to improve and personalize our navigation experience. Here you can find major information about the cookies and how to use them.
This page contains information about what cookies are, and cookies used by Regia Store S.r.L. (from now on, “RegiaStore“), how to disable them in your browser and some link useful for learn something more about them. If this page isn’t useful about the information that your looking for or you have any question about the use of cookies from RegiaStore, you can write at

What are “cookies”?
“Cookies” are little text file that are archivied from broswer (for example Internet Explorer or Safari)on your PC or mobile phone. They permitt to achieve some information. You can think on them like a way to provide “memory” to a web site, so it can recognise an user and behave appropriately.

How Regiastore use cookies?
One page in RegiaStore can generate this type of cookies:

  • Cookies about the performance of the site
  • Cookies about the anonymus analysis
  • Cookies from third part

Cookies about the performance on the site:
This kind of cookie is used for permit to the user the best experience of navigation on the site. RegiaStore it manteins the user session connected to the server for the long time possible and it remembers any preference about the use of the site.

Cookies’s uses on the site
ReggianaCalcio uses cookies analytical and technical.
Technical cookie are here below:

  • PHPSESSID: technical cookie for the browsing session
  • CookieConsent: to consent cookie management

Cookies for anonimus analysis:
Everytime that you use our website, our analysis web program generate one anonymus cookie.
This cookie can tell us if you had visit our site before.
Your broswer can tell us if you have this cookie, and if it isn’t like that, we provide to generate new ones.
This is useful for us for see how many users we have and how much they search our website. br />
Unless you are logged to RegiaStore, this cookie cannot be use for the identification of a single user but only for statistic research. If you are logged to the site, we will know also some details about yourself, like ID user and mail adress.

Cookies from third part
In some pages of RegiaStore third part can set theyr cookies with the purpose of tracking the operation of theyr app or personalized the application for you. RegiaStore cannot use those cookie, otherwise third part cannot use cookie used by RegiaStore.
For example, when you share an article using the social network’s bottom on RegiaStore, the social network that had generate the bottom will register the action.
Disabling them don’t compromises the use of the site. The only exception is the section where widget are installed.(for example for the use of maps) and in some cases the possibilities to share contents or comment some parts of the page.

Like bottom and social widget on Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)
Bottom Like and the social widget are service for interation with Facebook, provide by Facebook,Inc.

Personal data: Cookie and Date from user experience.
Place for use: USA – Privacy Policy

Widget Instagram (Instagram, Inc.)
Widget Instagram is a service of interaction with Instagram social network, provide by Instagram Inc.

Personal dates:Dati Cookie and date of uses.
Place of traitment : USA – Privacy Policy

Widget Google Maps (Google Inc.)
Google Maps is a servive of maps provides by Google Inc. that permit to this application to create a relationship with the content of web pages.

Personal date: Cookies and data user.
Place of traitment: USA – Privacy Policy

Youtube (Google)
Youtube is a service of video editing provide by Google Inc. that permitt t this application to creat a relationship with the web pages.

Personal data:Cookie and user dates.
Place of tratment: USA – Privacy Policy

How to disable cookies?
It is possible to block cookies from your broswer or for a particolar site. If you block them you cannot use some function of the site that you’re use.
All the modern broswers can change the option of cookies. You can find this option in menù, below “option” or “preference” broswer. The following link can be useful to change the cookie settings, or maybe you can use the option “help” for other details.

Google Analytics
This web page use Google Analytics, a service of analys by web provide by Google Inc.( “Google”). Google Analytics use cookie, text file put in your computer to provide at the web page to analyse how users use the site.
The information generate by cookies from the use of the webpage (even your anonymus IP adress) will be transfet and put in the google’s server in the United States. Google will use this information to the purpose of examinate your site use, write a prospect and provide activities about the web and the use of internet. Google can transfert this information to other ones, in respect of the legal privacy of Google. Google will not use your IP adress with other date. You can decide to noi use the cookies with the apposite setting in your browser, but you have to notice that with the use of cookie you can use all the function of this web site. Using this following web site you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.
You can prevent Google from tracking a cookie that is generated due to and associated with your use of this website (even your IP adress) and the elaboration of this data downloading and installing this plugin below for ypur browser:

Other useful links
If you want some other information about the cookies and theyr use on the net, you can visit this followig links (italian pages):

If you wanna contact us about the cookie’s use you can write to

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