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27 March 2018
The Regia Store events calendar is now available!

Mark events on the agenda? Too old school. Share them on the mobile calendar? You are not so technological. So how can you remember all the appointments with your favourite team? We thought about the solution: starting from today, in the news section of the site, you can find an updated calendar, to know all…

7 January 2018
Let’s celebrate Tricolore together!

A city, a team, a stadium, a flag. To these three colours we know, Reggio Emilia cares a lot, and also our fans. Because the flag is a point of reference, familiar as a home. Not only because it gives the name to our stadium and not even because the Italian flag was born in…

5 December 2017
Happy Store-Day

The first entry at the stadium, the first match, the first derby, the first goal; moments that remain in the memory of every fan. Every motivation seems to be good to celebrate with your favorite team, to shout together: Go Reggiana! Today we’ve got one too, one that count. On December 8th in Place Prampolini,…


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